Electric Blue Jack Dempsey Fish

Electric Blue Jack Dempsey's vibrant colors make them a prized aquarium fish

The Ultimate Guide to Electric Blue Jack Dempsey Fish Care

With their dazzling blue hues and bold personalities, Electric Blue Jack Dempsey cichlids make a jaw-dropping addition to large freshwater aquariums. However, providing proper care for these fish requires an understanding of their needs. This complete guide will teach you everything about selecting, caring for, and breeding vibrant Electric Blue Jack Dempsey fish.

An Introduction to the Electric Blue Jack Dempsey Fish

The Electric Blue Jack Dempsey (Rocio octofasciata) is a brilliantly-colored variant of the popular Jack Dempsey cichlid. First developed in the 1980s, Electric Blue Jack Dempseys were specially bred to achieve a metallic blue coloration compared to the natural green or brown hues. While territorial toward their own kind, they are relatively peaceful for cichlids when given adequate tank space. Their stunning appearance and captivating behaviors explain their popularity.



The Electric Blue Jack Dempsey\\\’s vibrant colors make them a prized aquarium fish.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about properly caring for Electric Blue Jack Dempsey fish, from ideal tank conditions to nutrition, tankmates, breeding, and health. Follow these best practices for keeping your fish thriving in captivity.

Overview of Electric Blue Jack Dempsey Fish Care

Caring for Electric Blue Jack Dempseys requires replicating the warm, turbid river environments they originate from in Central America. Key care elements include:

  • Providing adequate tank size and robust filtration
  • Maintaining proper water parameters including temperature, pH and hardness
  • Choosing suitable tankmates that won\\\’t intimidate them
  • Offering a balanced, varied diet with quality proteins
  • Performing regular partial water changes and tank maintenance
  • Watching for signs of disease and treating promptly
  • Setting up a dedicated breeding tank for spawning

Meeting the care guidelines in this guide will help ensure your Electric Blue Jack Dempseys remain healthy and exhibit vibrant coloration.

Electric Blue Jack Dempsey Appearance and Characteristics

Electric Blue Jack Dempseys have an oval-shaped, slender body profile. Key physical features include:

  • Brilliant metallic blue body coloration
  • Bold black dots speckling the body and unpaired fins
  • Flowing dorsal and anal fins ranging from blue to turquoise
  • Pink-orange coloration on the belly and gill plates
  • Stunning pearlescent sheen under lighting

Males reach lengths of 6-10 inches when mature and exhibit longer fins than females. Younger juveniles start out a more muted blue-gray before intensifying in color as they reach adulthood.

These fish display interesting behaviors like pit digging, rearranging decor, and patrolling their territory. Provide open swimming space and plenty of sight barriers to observe their natural activities.

Caring for Electric Blue Jack Dempseys

Keeping your Electric Blue Jack Dempseys thriving requires paying close attention to their habitat setup and care routine:

Aquarium Size

  • Minimum 55 gallon tank for an individual or pair
  • 75+ gallons strongly recommended for a group

They need horizontal swimming space more than tank height.

Water Conditions

  • Temperature: 72-84°F, with 78-80°F ideal
  • pH: 6.5-8.0, stable pH more critical than exact value
  • Hardness: Moderately hard water around 5-15 dGH


  • Robust canister filter sized for at least 2x total tank volume
  • Strong water movement with minimal current
  • 25-30% weekly water changes

Substrate and Decor

  • Fine gravel or sand substrate
  • Driftwood, rocks, cave structures for hiding
  • Hardy plants like Java Fern and Anubias

Feeding Your Electric Blue Jack Dempsey

Electric Blue Jack Dempseys are omnivores that eagerly accept a wide diet in captivity. Feed them 2-3 times daily:

  • Flake or pellet foods as dietary staple
  • Mealworms, brine shrimp, mysis for protein
  • Chopped earthworms, crickets, shrimp
  • Blanched zucchini, cucumber, peas for fiber

Avoid overfeeding and fast fish for 1-2 days if bloating occurs. Offer a balanced mixture for optimal health and coloration.

Electric Blue Jack Dempsey Tankmates

Electric Blue Jack Dempseys can coexist with similarly sized, robust tankmates including:

  • Other large cichlid species
  • Large plecostomus catfish
  • Cory catfish for bottom-dwellers
  • Some larger tetras or barbs

Avoid aggressive fish like Oscars or extremely small, timid fish. House Electric Blue Jack Dempseys in groups of 4-6 with a 1:3 male to female ratio to diffuse aggression.

Breeding Electric Blue Jack Dempsey Fish

Breeding Electric Blues requires preparation but is extremely rewarding. Key tips include:

  • Use a 20-30 gallon tank with fine gravel and hiding spots
  • Select a proven breeding pair that have spawned before
  • Trigger spawning by slowly raising temperature and performing large water changes
  • Females lay 500-1000 eggs on cleaned rocks or broad leaves
  • Remove parents after a few days or they may eat the eggs
  • Feed newly hatched brine shrimp once fry are free-swimming

Successful breeding relies on pristine water conditions. But it allows you to continue producing these magical blue fish!

Preventing Common Electric Blue Jack Dempsey Diseases

Electric Blue Jack Dempseys are generally hardy but still prone to some cichlid illnesses. Prevent disease by:

  • Quarantining new fish for at least 30 days
  • Performing 25% weekly water changes
  • Providing a nutritious, varied diet
  • Monitoring water parameters like temperature and pH

Watch for these disease signs and treat promptly:

  • Bloating: Constipation, parasites, ordigestive issue. Treat with anti-parasitic medications.
  • Fin Rot: Frayed fins from bacterial infection. Use antibiotics.
  • Ich: White specks across body. Treat with elevated heat and medications.
  • Hole in Head: Hexamita parasites create pits on head. Improve water quality and use Metronidazole.

Finding Healthy Electric Blue Jack Dempseys

When selecting your Electric Blue Jack Dempsey, follow these tips:

  • Research reputable online breeders with positive reviews
  • Check local fish stores to evaluate stock in person
  • Pick active juveniles under 4 inches showing vivid coloration
  • Ensure fins are intact without signs of disease
  • Ask if the seller provides a health guarantee

Take time finding a quality source of healthy, tank-raised specimens. It\\\’s worth the investment for long-term success.

Joining the Electric Blue Jack Dempsey Fish Community

Connecting with other aquarists who share your passion for Electric Blue Jack Dempseys can be highly rewarding. Here are some great ways to engage with the community:

  • Join active Facebook Groups like Electric Blue Jack Dempsey Lovers to see amazing photos.
  • Read and participate in forum discussions at websites like Cichlid-Forum.
  • Check out Reddit\’s cichlid subreddits to talk with fellow redditors about their experiences.
  • Attend local fish club meetings and meet others who keep Electric Blues.
  • Follow Instagrammers and YouTubers showing off their Electric Blue Jack Dempsey tanks.

Interacting with fellow cichlid enthusiasts provides valuable care advice and lets you share your own knowledge. It enhances the fishkeeping experience.

Bringing Vibrant Electric Blue Jack Dempseys Home

With their stunning blue metallic hues and captivating behaviors, Electric Blue Jack Dempsey cichlids make an eye-catching freshwater fish for the dedicated aquarist. We hope this guide has provided you with the knowledge to make an informed decision if raising these beautiful cichlids is right for you. Let their dazzling colors brighten up your aquarium when given the care they need to thrive!

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