Biorb VS Fluval | My Top 5 Tanks

When it comes to starter tanks there are two brands that usually come to mind. The Biorb and the Fluval. Both these brands are elegant in design and are perfect for home or office. The ones that we are going to concentrate on are all of a relatively small size. Because of this, they will be perfect if you are a bit pushed for space. Let’s face it we haven’t all got loads of space to play with. So Biorb VS Fluval, which one to have? They are both good brands of fish tanks with a lot going for them. But before purchasing any tank, first, think about what fish you are going to be keeping.

How Many Fish Per Tank?

When thinking about buying one of these smaller types of tanks you need to take into consideration how many fish you can keep. There is a general rule that aquarists adhere to that will help you with this. In general, for every inch of fish, you will want one gallon of water (4.5 litres). This is a general rule and is not set in stone.

For example, if you have a fish that will grow to 8 inches, this will not be suited to a 15-gallon tank just because it is less than 15 inches. Personally, I wouldn’t keep any fish in them that grow any bigger than 2 inches in size. Also, remember this formula is for when the fish are fully grown. Be sure to check if your fish have any growing left to do when you purchase them. It is also worth taking into consideration the amount of water that things such as driftwood and plants take up in the tank. Fish need space to thrive and remain healthy, so do not overpopulate a tank.

Key Features Of The Biorbs


The lighting on the Biorb is pretty awesome. You can select any type of colour you desire and select 8, 10, or a 12-hour cycle. The light will do the rest. After your selected amount of daylight is up the light will start to fade out. Perfect for imitating natural habitats.

The Biorb Filter

The filter on a Biorb tank is situated at the bottom of the tank. It is designed to pull any unwanted debris down into it and naturally break it down. Any debris that doesn’t get broken down will end up in some convenient, easy-to-remove sponges.

Acrylic Design

Biorb makes their tanks using Acrylic instead of glass, this is said to be 10x stronger than glass.

Key Features Of The Fluvals


The LED lighting is energy efficient and has several different settings on it. The light has a day and night setting which will keep your plants in a perfect growing cycle.

Built in Filtration System

The Fluval comes with their own built-in filtration system that is disguised rather well. It is a 3 stage filter system that really does keep the water clarity to a high standard.

Biorb VS Fluval | The Biorb

Biorbs come in several types of design that are sure to impress. The sleek elegant design of the Biorbs makes them perfect for all homes and offices. Due to their small size, they will sit on almost all surfaces and look the part. The good thing about any Biorb purchased is that they come with everything you need to set it up. The only thing you will need to buy separately is a heater if you want to keep tropical fish in it. If you are planning on keeping cold-water fish it will all be good to go.

The Biorb Classic

The Biorb Classic 30l In White

The Biorb classic is a nice-looking globe shape aquarium that comes in 3 different colours, black, silver, and white. They come in a range of sizes starting off with a 15 litre, then a 30 litre, 60 litre, and the biggest one is 105 litres in size. As mentioned earlier all Biorbs come with everything you need to get set up, apart from fish of course. Every Biorb that is manufactured comes with a filtration system built into it, which works rather well. The air pump and MCR lighting are also included in the package.

The globe itself isn’t actually glass like you would think. It is actually made of acrylic which is said to be 10x stronger than glass. This makes them quite a robust little fish tank.

The Biorb classic really is a cool-looking fish tank that will look pretty stunning where ever you decide to put it.

The Biorb Life

The Biorb Life 30L

The Biorb life is another neat-looking compact fish tank. These are available in colours white, black, or totally clear. The one featured is the clear option. The Biorb life doesn’t come in sizes up to 105 litres like the Classic, instead, you have sizes of 15, 30, 45, and 60 litres. Apart from the obvious different design of the Biorb life, you get pretty much the same kit as the Biorb classic. Including the filtration system, the air pump, the MCR lighting, and the decorations. The ‘Life’ is a fair bit pricier than the ‘Classic’ though and is worth bearing in mind when deciding which one to go for.

The Biorb Tube

The Biorb Tube 35l

As with the other two designs featured, the Biorb tube is also elegant and modern in appearance. The ‘tube’ comes in 3 different sizes which are 15l, 30l, and 45 litres. The 30l is slightly different in design compared to the other two. It is cylindrical still but taller and thinner designed to take up less space. The ‘tube’ comes with all the kit such as the filter, pump, lighting, and decorations as with all the Biorbs available. So really, if you choose the Biorb when deciding Biorb VS Fluval, your only real choice you have to make is which design do you like the most. Because apart from the appearance they pretty much all come with the same setup kit. Making these fish tanks perfect for any beginners to start off with.

Biorb VS Fluval | The Fluval

When thinking of small tanks for the home or office it usually comes down to two brands. The Biorb and the Fluval. These two seem to of stood the test of time and continue to be popular amongst beginners in fish keeping. This isn’t really surprising because they are both good products and fairly reasonably priced. We have looked at a few Biorbs, now let’s take a look at a couple of tanks that Fluval has to offer.

The Fluval Flex

The Fluval Flex 57l

The Fluval Flex is another neat little fish tank that will fit in almost anywhere you want it to. Unlike the Biorbs, the flex only comes in two sizes which are 34 litre and 57 litre. These are both nice sizes to have if you struggle for space, or want it on a desk somewhere.

The Flex, as with the Biorbs comes with its own filtration filter built-in. It also comes with LED lighting complete with remote control. With this, you can change the colour of the lighting at the touch of a button.

Another thing to note when comparing the Biorb to the Fluval is that Fluval tanks are made from glass. If you have kids or boisterous pets this may be worth taking into consideration. The Biorbs are made from acrylic that is a lot more durable than glass and maybe a better option. The Flex is only in available in two colours which are black and white. As you can see from the image above the Flex has a beautiful bow-fronted face to it. I personally think this gives it a special touch of class to the tank and makes it a joy to look at.

The Fluval Spec

The Fluval Spec 19l

The Fluval Spec is another nice little tank that has plenty of nice little features. All the tanks featured so far are all designed with freshwater in mind. The Fluval Spec also has a marine version. These come in a 52 litre and a 60 litre. The freshwater version comes in 19 litres and 60 litres. As with the Flex, the Spec comes with everything you need including, an integrated filtration system and lighting. You will need to purchase a heater though if you are looking at keeping tropical fish.

To Conclude Biorb VS Fluval

Both Biorb and Fluval are built well with some awesome features included. They both come with pretty much everything you need to keep fish, apart from the fish. If you want to keep tropical fish just remember you will need to buy a heater. When it comes to choosing a tank it really is down to personal preference on what design best suits your taste and how many fish you will want. All the tanks above are in a similar price bracket. Whichever one you choose I’m sure it will bring you years of enjoyment.

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