Is Gorilla Glue Safe For Aquariums

A tube of super glue

In short, to answer the question “is Gorilla glue safe for aquariums”, yes it is. This is through my own personal experience though, and a lot of people I know who have used it for their aquariums. Now, I have personally emailed ‘Gorilla Glue’ in the past and they said they can’t recommend using their products in an aquarium environment. This is due to them not being able to say 100% if the glue is non-toxic when it dries. Not sure why they can’t run tests, but there ya go. Gorilla glue comes in several different forms, are they all good to use? Even though you can use Gorilla glue in an aquarium you will also need to know when not to use Gorilla glue.

As you probably know other Superglues are available over the counter to almost anyone as well. In general, Superglue can be used in aquariums as well. Well, I say in the aquarium, but I would remove whatever you are gluing from the water first before applying the glue. I should also add, be extra careful when using either of these glues, they are very strong and can cause bad accidents in the wrong hands.

Reasons For Using Gorilla Glue


One of the main reasons for using glue in your aquarium is to help with aquascaping. A lot of people will use the glue to stick plants to things such as bogwood, rocks, and other ornamental items. I’ve even glued small rocks on top of each other.

Underwater Repairs

If you have any novelty moving items such as a skull whose mouth opens and shuts, or a clam that releases air, in time these may break. Gorilla glue is perfect for repairing these kinds of items as well.

When Not To Use Gorila Glue

One of the main times not to use Gorilla glue in an aquarium is fixing leaks in your tank. Gorilla glue is designed, like most glues to bond two surfaces together using pressure. Applying a bead of glue to your panes of glass just isn’t going to fix the problem. If you are unfortunate enough to find a leak in your tank silicone is what you are going to need. There are many types of silicone designed for this reason. King British sealant and Everbuild Everflex are just two of many available to you. It is also worth considering buying a new tank if it is going to start springing leaks.

Is Gorilla Glue Safe For Plants?

If you want to be sticking your aquarium plants to things such as rocks or driftwood Gorilla glue super glue in gel form is the kiddy. Although the company themselves probably wouldn’t recommend it, I know plenty of aquarists that have done exactly this. The general rule seems to be, if the main ingredient in the glue is cyanoacrylate, then it is good to use. Basically, any type of superglue that mainly has this ingredient is ok for plants. If for any reason you are unsure of using glue on your plants, try it on just one plant, to begin with.

Gluing some plants to rocks

What Other Glue Can Be Used In An Aquarium?

Pretty much any superglue that has cyanoacrylate as the main ingredient SHOULD be ok to use in an aquarium. If you have any doubts about using them though just go for a specially formulated aquarium glue such as Superfish aquarium glue. These glues may be a tad pricier but at least you will have peace of mind that your tank life will be safe.

What Glue Can Be Used For Sealing An Aquarium?

As I stated earlier no type of glue should be used for sealing an aquarium. This is not what glues are designed to do. Glue is meant for sticking two surfaces together, not for fixing leaks in your tank. For this job always use a silicone-based sealant such as Everbuild Everflex and King British sealant.

Tips For Using Glue In An Aquarium

Don’t Glue Underwater

Superglues, including the Gorilla brand, will dry a hell of a lot quicker when water is included in the equation. This in turn makes the bonding process hard to get right. My advice would be to remove any items that need gluing from the water and dry them thoroughly first. This will help to get a decent bond between the two surfaces that you are gluing together. I then wait a couple of hours before returning the item to the water.

Use Superglue Gel

All types of superglue have come a long way since it was first produced. There are plenty of types of glue to choose from nowadays. One of these is super glue gel. It has the power of the standard superglue but it comes in a gel form. This makes it a lot easier for binding two surfaces together. Not having drips to deal with like with the standard superglue is a massive bonus when trying to fix intricate ornaments.

Glue Plants To Rocks

If you want to get an instant natural look in your tank, just reach for the Gorilla glue. If you are needing a bit of green growing around some rocks, driftwood, or ornaments simply just glue the plants to the item. Just a small dollop of gel-type glue will work perfectly. Remember to dry both surfaces thoroughly before bonding together.

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So Is Gorilla Glue Safe For Aquariums?

If you asked me or thousands of other aquarists “is Gorilla glue safe for aquariums” the answer would be yes Gorilla glue is safe to use. But, if you ask Gorilla glue (the company) that question they will tell you that they can’t recommend it for aquatic purposes. I assume this is their answer for legal reasons. The glue isn’t specifically designed for this purpose. This being said, I use it like many others do and have never had a problem with it.

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