About Us

Hi, my name is Stuart. I have been interested in fish keeping for over 35 years now. Having had numerous amount of fish tanks and several Koi ponds over the years, there isn’t much to do with fish keeping that I haven’t seen.

My main aim is to share the knowledge that I have learned over the years via this website. Hopefully, this will save other aquarists time and money in solving their fish-keeping problems.

I will be sure to tackle the basics such as how to set up a tank, what are the perfect water parameters, and what fish to buy. But I will also cover the less obvious topics as well. Posts such as ‘how to keep baby Plecos alive’, ‘bogwood VS driftwood’, and ‘how to euthanize a fish’. These are things that I have learned over the years and are worth sharing with beginners that are new to the hobby.

I really do hope that you find any answers you are seeking here at SJB Aquatics.